Big Question: Should the Sex Industry be Allowed?

The short film Farrah GFE ( is an interview with a professional escort. Farrah during the interview claims she has slept with over 400 men as an escort and that many are married and overweight. Under current US law what Farrah is doing is illegal. She has no protection under the law, nor does she have any sort of regulations that could protect her and her clients from sexually transmitted diseases. Farrah does not mention during the film if she uses condoms or the pill. She also implies that she does not shower in between client visits on a busy day. These, especially the lack of condom use, are dangerous practices that can come to harm not only Farrah and her client but others as well. If there were regulations on this facet of the sex industry then Farrah and her clients may be safer from such diseases. Further more Farrah is self employed which not all escorts are, many other escorts are in further danger from angry employers who may make them continue to work when they do not want to. Some countries like the Netherlands have made prostitution legal and regulate its practice. Is America ready for such a step in that direction considering it still has issues with std breakouts in the porn industry as well as unfair treatment in strip clubs or peep shows? How would such legislation help or hider Farrah and would it keep her animosity which she closely guards?


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