You Go, Girl!

Jennifer Lawrence on Body Image

In the video linked above, Jennifer Lawrence speaks out against society’s impossible beauty standards in answer to a question from a young girl about how to deal with the pressures from peers and the media to achieve perfection. I found her answer not only refreshing but inspiring. If society shared her views, more women would love their bodies. Women face the nearly impossibly task of feeling confident in about their own bodies while ignoring the harmful (and wrong) messages society sends about what is healthy or beautiful. A new attitude toward appearance – when “fat” and “skinny” are no longer relevant terms, when every woman’s body shape is accepted for its inherent beauty, and when women are no longer compared to and pitted against one another – is the ideal that society as a whole must strive for. Because as Lawrence says of how it is now, “that shouldn’t be the real world.” Amen, Jennifer!

2 thoughts on “You Go, Girl!

  1. eblazer2013

    I also love Jennifer Lawrence’s response, and I agree with your commentary on the video. When Jennifer talked about the “airbrushed, perfect models” we compare ourselves to, I thought about how she herself has become at times an airbrushed, perfect model. For example, she has been on the covers of lots of popular magazines, including Vogue, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Elle, and Cosmopolitan. These magazines almost certainly digitally alter the photos they take of Jennifer before publishing them, so she has been shown exactly how other people think her appearance could be improved upon. Even after comparing herself to an idealized, perfected version of herself, Jennifer still has a positive body image. I think that makes her an especially powerful role model for young girls.

  2. laurapstewart

    While I love Jennifer Lawrence and agree with how refreshing her response to the question of body image was, it is hard for me to find her response truly inspiring. I agree with her opinions on the media and I think that change is necessary, but I can’t help but consider who the opinions are coming from. Jennifer Lawrence embodies the ideal and lives up to the standards of beauty that the American media places on women. When you are beautiful, slender, white, and blonde, ignoring what the media says is easier said than done. To me, the more alarming idea is that Jennifer Lawrence has been considered “fat” and that even she has to ignore what the media says. This illustrates how dramatically the media has skewed our perception of “normal.” Lawrence is often praised for her “normal” size, when in reality she portrays the ideal slender body. While there is no question that she is a powerful role model for young women, I would like to see someone who doesn’t embody the ideal standard of beauty speak out against the impact of the media.


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