To What Must You React? : Kim Kardashian and Physical Beauty.

Kanye West has recently released a video for his new single, “Bound 2.” Kanye West, who is known for his undeniable creative ability, takes a different course with his new music video. The video, which premiered nationally on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, features his fiancé Kim Kardashian as the leading lady.

My primary issue with this video is the portrayal of Kim Kardashian and the message it sends to young women. Throughout the video Kim is scene riding, mainly topless, on a motorcycle, with Kanye as the driver. The video frequently cuts to scenes of her nude silhouette, moving seductively, and enticing the camera (i.e. the audience) to take part in her and Kanye’s joy ride through the valleys of the Grand Canyon.



There is no denying the fact that Kim Kardashian is a beautiful woman and this video certainly serves to make sure the world knows it. The video as a whole has no real purpose than to sexually exploit Kim Kardashian’s body and show her submission to a man, aka Kanye West (no disrespect to Kanye). Kim Kardashian has made a career being America’s sexpot, and showing off her body and looks in magazines, commercials, and advertisements. She has used this overly sexualized image to sell cosmetics, clothing, perfume, shoes, and just about anything else related to the beauty industry. This video and Kim Kardashian’s celebrity, serve to promote the idea that physical beauty is a woman’s most desirable trait. Young girls are now growing up to idolize celebrities like Kim Kardashian and believe that they must be sexual and beautiful in order to be desired, and other qualities, such as integrity and education, are secondary. The Kardashian brand does not encourage young girls to take pride in what they have to offer to the world, besides looking their best.

Is this really what we want to convey to the next generation? When is enough, enough?


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