What are We Responsible For?



The Real Housewives Franchise is an embarrassing secret I keep. I love the series, all of them! It’s deliciously trashy! I watch and wonder just how depraved I must be to watch women bicker, scheme, back stab, and gossip about frenemies? I also wonder if these women are aware of their responsibility to other women? All of the housewives are well to do financially and many have businesses that have spring-boarded from the series. The series promotes the gender negative stereotype of pettiness and maliciousness associated with women. Rarely is there a moment when the women support each other and then only to increase their camera time. At what point do we consider the responsibility we have to each other as women? When promoting such negative stereotypes with a television series, it makes it harder to break societies ideas that women aren’t capable of working together without conflict. The series takes it to extremes and exploits just how petty people can be, more specifically women. I also must take responsibility because watching this series increases viewer popularity thus I also am promoting the negative stereotype to society. Hooks States”We are taught that women are ‘natural’ enemies, that solidarity will never exist between us because we cannot, should not,  and do not bond with one another.”(127) Is this the legacy we want to leave for future women? Is this what we want to be responsible for? It weighs on me now and it isn’t something I want to be responsible for and I wonder how much thought is given by the women on these shows as to what they are responsible for to their daughters and other women? Have they truly thought about the seriousness of their responsibility to society and their influence on it by appearing in this series?


Works Cited:

Hooks, Bell. “Sisterhood:Politocal Solidarity between Women.” Feminist Revies (Summer 1986). 125-138


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