Dr. Pepper’s Definition of “Man”

Dr. Pepper advertises their soda in a commercial demonstrating the “true man”. According to them, a real man is a bearded lumberjack who eats bark, casually carries trees, and is friendly with bears. All this overt and exaggerated “manliness” is to justify drinking a low calorie beverage. As you can see, there is a lot problematic with this commercial. Firstly, apparently a man is not a real man if he is concerned about his weight or health, so any diabetic or elderly watching sugar and calories is effeminate. Secondly, the manly stereotype is perpetuated through these outrageous and exaggerated images. Children and those impressionable are supposed to admire and even strive to this image of manliness that is both unrealistic and silly. Dr. Pepper is aiming to advertise the “Manliest Low-Calorie Soda in the History of Mankind”, but instead they are perpetuating a faulty and exaggerated idea of man.


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