Is the idea of equality within the household good?

In many societies today, we see that the mother becomes a stay-at-home mother or she hires a babysitter while the men continue their daily routine with the same schedule at work. There seems to still be an imbalance of work between the couple in the household; women work less (at their job), they take care of the children more, and they do more household chores. In Cowan’s article, she discusses the change (insignificant)  within households. “… the vast majority of American women are still spending many of their waking hours feeding, clothing, cleaning, and sustaining themselves and their families…” (Cowan, 151).

In Belkin’s article in the New York Times, she talks about a couple who’s dynamic is to create an equal household; both parents would have the same amount of working hours, time taking care of children, chores, etc.   Can our society adopt this dynamic? Will the mother “covet” more time at home with children (Belkin)?  Although women complain about the equality within the household, will they want to work less in order to take care of their child at home?

What if we begin to adopt the Swedish law including a 13 month paid paternal leave?  How would this effect equality within the workplace if men are on paternal leave and women are able to go back to work after birth?



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