Pediasure 2013

Pediasure is a dietary supplement for small children. However, its advertisements go beyond promoting the product and both reinforce and reflect traditional views of women’s role within the family. This Pediasure advertisement , in Spanish, exemplifies the company’s explicit and implicit messages of healthy family dynamics. Initially, scenes of mothers playing with and feeding her children flash along with a voiceover saying (translated): “Moms were born to feed our kids and we do everything we can to make them eat healthy but half of children leave part of their meal uneaten during the day …” Immediately, the ad has become a manifesto on the appropriate roles for women in society. Women are “born” to take care of their children–it is their biological destiny. The advertisement reinforces the notion that women are inherently better caretakers to their children, a societal norm that plays a key role in the unequal distribution of domestic duties in the household. The very last scene ends with the children quickly gulping down their Pediasure before heading off to school has the mother overseeing the breakfast, while the father, in the background, dressed in his suit and tie, waves goodbye to his daughters. This scene reinforces the idea that the man is the best bread-winner, but the least adequate to care for his children’s physical needs.
One could make the argument that Pediasure commercial is just a response to the reality that women buy most groceries , so marketing Pediasure to women is a passive acceptance of this reality by the company. However, Pediasure goes pretty far to emphasize the message that a woman’s life centers on her children and her responsibility to feed and nurture them with men contributing little in this respect. Nowadays, when women are gaining equal positions in professional jobs, advertisements need to depict women and men caring for their children in order for society to expect and accept a similar equality within the domestic sphere.


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