Evolutionary Husband?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9HMhSvnbmk This ad for the Samsung Smart TV perpetuates outdated assumptions about a man’s assumed role in the household. In the ad, we see a woman fantasizing about “upgrading” her husband’s role in the household just as she would a Samsung TV. In her dream, we see the man cooking, taking care of the baby, cleaning, and preparing dinner for his wife only to have the fantasy abruptly end and return to reality where the man sits around on the couch grunting like a caveman and eating food like a slob. The stereotyped representation of what a typical man looks like is so exaggerated that the man is literally sitting in a mess in a crumbs and farting while the woman is neat and put together. The portrayal of men as such is merely a stereotype and the idea of an “evolution” of the household dynamic as a futuristic concept is clearly outdated. As Belkin wrote, when it comes to changing stereotypical household responsibilities, “the perception of flexibility is itself a matter of perception” (5). The dynamic of the home can easily change if the couple is willing to make changes. If men in Sweden willingly take paternal leave, clearly not all men need to be technologically “upgraded.” Belkin, Lisa. “When Mom and Dad Share It All.” NY Times. 15 June 2008. Web. 01 Dec 2013. Bennhold, Katrin. “In Sweden, Men Can Have It All.” NY Times. 9 June 2010. Web. 01 Dec 2013.


1 thought on “Evolutionary Husband?

  1. deeana15

    I do not necessarily agree with what you are saying. The man in the commercial fits in his stereotypical gender role, though greatly exaggerated. He does not help in the house, he does not take care of the baby, he just sits on the couch and watches TV. This situation drastically changes after the upgrade, and, though he looks quite robotic and automatized, the change is definitely for the better. The “pre-evolution caveman” is definitely portrayed in a negative light, while the modern dad who helps around is seen as a significant improvement, regardless of the reasons why he changed his attitude. What the commercial is implying is that traditional gender roles are outdated, and men should help their wives with chores. The woman wants and expects her husband to help in the house and though this is still a dream, she sure hopes it will become reality. The “evolution” is not seen as impossible and it’s actually advocated for. Therefore, in my opinion, this commercial promotes a more gender neutral division of labor within the house hold and a more equal parenting.


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