Ad Critique: Ad(ding) to society's problems

This advertisement is for the Lodge, a gentleman’s club in Dallas. The images above portray a problematic situation with an associated solution. It suggests that any verbal issues a male may be having with his significant female other can be solved by a nude woman on a pole. With an ad like this the slogan “Solving Dallas’ Problems Since 1996” should really read “Adding to Society’s Problems since 1996.”

While there are no apparent gender discrepancies being portrayed in this advertisement, looking deeper we can see the ways that strip clubs reinforce gender inequality. In Keeping Women Down and Out: The Strip Club Boom and the Reinforcement of Male Dominance Sheila Jefferys’ asserts “all women living in a society in which strip clubs flourish are likely to be affected by them in a variety of ways” (Jefferys 164). Imagine the woman from the left image seeing her husband enjoying the entertainment provided from the woman on the right. It’s safe to say she wouldn’t feel like the problem was solved. Furthermore, while strip clubs are meant to be enjoyable and accessible outlets for sexual fun they are geared towards one gender only- men. “Women have always suffered a reduction in this right because of male violence and its threat” (Jefferys 165).

This ad also portrays the female dichotomy between the conservative, hysteric woman and the hyper sexualized woman. The woman on the left depicted in the standard female stick figure way and appears to be screaming/scolding the man to her right, obviously saying something he does not want to hear. The woman in the right image is depicted as a slender yet curvy woman providing entertainment without speaking. Neither woman is depicted in a positive manner.

Looking beyond just the inequality for the woman on the left, after viewing the abuse female workers in the strip club industry endure in Live Nude Girls Unite! and reading about the constant rapes, sexual assault and overall abuse strippers endure it’s difficult to conclude that the female in the right image feels as though all her problems are being solved. Chances are that woman is being underpaid and is not receiving basic employee benefits.

So gentlemen, (and ladies), what do you think — is the Lodge capable of solving Dallas’ problems?

Works Cited
Jefferys, Sheila. “Keeping Women Down and Out: The Strip Club Boom and the Reinforcement of Male Dominance.” Chicago Journals 34.1 (2008): 151-73. Print.


3 thoughts on “Ad Critique: Ad(ding) to society’s problems

  1. gficeraigarland

    I agree fully with the fact that this ad is extremely sexist. I think this ad critique is very insightful, especially when you mention how the woman on the left would feel if she saw her husband ogling another woman at a strip club and how hurt she would feel if she knew that her husband felt a need to distance himself from her (and their relationship). As Sheila Jeffreys also points out, men may use visits to strip clubs to “shame or anger wives or partners,” which is not healthy for a relationship in any context. The fact that some men feel a need to balance their relationships with their exhausting, nagging wives or partners (which ties into the “hysteric woman” half of the dichotomy that you mentioned) with visits to strip clubs where they can interact with women in “more traditional ways” is disrespectful to women in general and to their relationships with their wives or partners.

    Additionally, the question of the effect of strip clubs on society at large is also pertinent. In my opinion, while strip clubs can be viewed as places of fun, the attitudes of male dominance and privilege that they promote are harmful because these attitudes do not stay in the strip clubs; they are no doubt carried over into daily life and cause men to view their wives, girlfriends, coworkers, and women on the street differently, with a subconscious feeling of control over them. So, to answer your final question, no – strip clubs like Lodge do not solve problems between men and women; rather, they perpetuate them.

  2. ivansand

    This piece of advertisement is something that Bell Hooks would use as evidence of our sexualized society. It backs up her claim that there is a rape culture that revolves around the degrading of women. It would be interesting to see the demographics of the men that go to this club as it could also support Collins’s analyzation of minorities. It is also to be noted that the advertisement aims at fulfilling a man’s fantasy(the second picture), a characteristic of society’s list of things that make an advertisement a success.

    1. ivansand

      (cont. from previous reply) The answer to your question is no, it isn’t capable of solving Dallas’s problems. It only helps to promote an environment that is hostile towards women and it doesn’t contribute to the removal of sexism in society. I also find it hard to believe that Texas, a state that has a strong base on religion, is going to let a man/woman explore their sexual desires without being judged. Nothing good comes out of this advertisement, and nothing good can come from “The Lodge”.


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