Ad Critique: Macklemore’s ACLU Ad

Though it is important for there to be allies in order to bring about change and equality, there is just something about the language in this ACLU ad that just seems a bit too simplistic. In this ad, Macklemore is basically saying that by having the ACLU card, the forces that oppress queer people and women will just vanish and everything will be okay in the world. Even within his statements, there is a problem with the language he uses because he makes it sound like all his gay friends want to do is get married, fitting into a very heteronormative framework. Also, I feel like I’ve become more sensitive to gendered language surrounding body parts since reading the article by Dean Spade, “About Purportedly Gendered Body Parts”. Just by saying “Hey girl, you can do whatever you want with your vagina” this not only denies that other kinds of people can have vaginas but also simplifies the autonomy that women have over their bodies to just having to do with their sexual organs. I am not saying that Macklemore or the ACLU are awful for creating this ad, but I think by really breaking down the language people use, we can start to open up to more inclusive ways to discuss different types of people who are normally brushed aside and not even considered by society such as those who identify as trans*.

Spade, Dean. “About Purportedly Gendered Body Parts.”


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