Beer Ads = Old News

Watching some television while I was home with my dad for Thanksgiving is always fun. He is a bit more into the NFL and college football scene than I am; however, being a bit of an ad nerd I always enjoy watching the ads during big games. Of course the Super Bowl is the best time, yet because it is so popular in America to put the football game on pre or post Thanksgiving dinner, the air time is extremely pricey. This yields fun and juicy ads to at which to both laugh and seriously contemplate. I am going to preface this particular ad critique by saying I enjoy these beer commercials. Being from Philly with our crazy sports fans, I think the superstitions that people follow are extremely comical. There is some truth in the fact that we do all have the crazy friend who becomes obsessed with one particular team, and after a few beers he or she will definitely get crazy into the game. Moreover, I also do not wish to critique Bud Light for advertising directly to their target audience. We find so many stereotypes performed in advertising merely because their objective is to reach the average person. Here, we find the beer company targeting the American male who wants to drink beer and watch the football game. However, I do find it interesting that this is still the common trope. I sincerely believe there is some diversity to football fans in America.  The beer companies already have their white males hooked. Let’s explore another trope shall we? 


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