Big Reflection Question – What is Fair?

            As a result of the discussions we had regarding the controversy surrounding pregnancies, unionization for strippers, and the struggles transgendered individuals face when seeking medical treatment, the question, “What is fair” appeared to be extremely relevant. As our society moves towards the future with increasingly progressive minds, how do we establish an environment that affords rights to every single person? How do we ensure that even the marginalized, the judged, and the unusual are protected? Although it seems a sisyphean task, the most important step that must be taken towards achieving fairness is to use education as a means of dispelling the stigmas associated with under-represented minorities.

      For example, education plays an integral part in the fight towards creating safe and fair environments for transgendered people. Recently in the state of Mississippi, a group of high school students protested when a transgendered student wore women’s clothing to class. The students, “…felt that their classmate was being given preferential treatment given the school’s gender specific dress code.” Situations such as these occur repeatedly in schools due to the lack of education and the absence of laws that would secure protection for transgendered students. This particular students was mercilessly teased for her decision to be open about her gender. Yet, her classmates, who were never taught about the variability of sex/gender, behaved cruelly towards her. Perhaps in a situation like this educating both students and teachers would allow for a safe and fair environment for transgendered children to learn. Ideally, this would result in a concrete law that bands discrimination in the classroom. 





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