Sex Sells Sprite?

My friend showed me this ad specifically to discuss in my blog post this week. Besides being incredibly graphic, this ad hows that a picture is worth a thousand words and more because of the fact that the ad is not in English and I, by no means, understand German. The ad shows a naked women performing (what looks like) fellatio on a naked man. The moaning sounds, coming from both parties, indicate that they are both mutually satisfied by their sexual encounter. A few seconds later, a bottle of Sprite is shown bursting in the place of where a man’s penis would be. While the subtitle reads “I could really go for a Sprite right now,” I really did not pay attention to this until the second time I watched the video.

This ad poses a problem for several reasons. One, I did not know what was being sold for the first 20 seconds of this 35 second ad. I would never think that Sprite was what was being sold because of the sexually explicit nature of the ad and the lack of correlation that sex has with Sprite, in my opinion. Naked bodies are used as agencies through which advertisements are being sold regardless of product. Secondly, this ad reminded me of many of the music videos pervasive on television today which connote and denote the inferiority of women in the sex and gender hierarchy. Men in music videos are shown using water as a tool of eroticization and women are lured in by water and consequently, never say no to men. The positioning of bodies also emphasizes this hierarchy. A women is the one who is giving pleasure to a man and even though nothing is being done to her, she also expresses pleasure in their sexual act. This further supported the idea of this hierarchy because a woman’s sole role in this ad is to be sexually available for a man and she enjoys it just as much as a man, despite nothing being done to her directly. Having the Sprite explode on the woman’s face resembles the way in which a man might climax on a woman which has a pornographic connotation as well as the implication that this is what women enjoy, judging by the smiling face she exhibits afterwards. While I agree with the idea that sex sells, I think this is taking it too far.



One thought on “Sex Sells Sprite?

  1. bmcgeehan1

    I think this is a great example of how companies use shock value to promote products. This ad is graphic and crazy. CRAZY. It certainly caught my attention. However, I need to admit that I am sincerely torn about my reaction. The fact that it puts the woman in a questionably subversive position is certainly apparent. I wish it was just sex. Not necessarily because I believe that giving oral sex is disempowering for women, but because I believe this particular ad just upholds the stereotypes of women performing oral sex on men in a pornographic and disempowering way. However, I do believe it is a great example of the puritanical nature of American culture. This ad would never show in the US in a million, bazillion years. In the US, again, women don’t have sex. (I would argue nobody has sex) And perhaps this is not a healthy way to approach things.


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