Sexualization of men?

This commercial depicts some men suggestively rocking their hips to the theme of ;Jingle Bells’. It’s interesting because it’s one of the few commercials which very obviously attempt to objectify men in order to sell something. Although in this case, it’s boxers, which lowers my criticism of it — it still seems over the top. Especially by attempting to make the men’s genitals the focus of the commercial.

The sexualization of men is not rare, but in comparison to women, it becomes striking. This commercial is noticed by many and said to be too strong of a message and not ‘family friendly’. Interesting when compared to the many advertisements showing women in comparatively revealing poses or actions. It shows how men are seen to be sexualized differently than women and in certain circumstances, only one is acceptable.


1 thought on “Sexualization of men?

  1. nickamarini

    There has been a lot of talk about this commercial in the last few days and it seems to me like this is an instance of people being a little to politically correct. I agree that you can argue if you want that its objectifying the men, but its nothing close to the underwear ads you see normally. Furthermore its pretty clearly a joke. To me this comes off as a light hearted joke and I think anyone who is offended by it should think about how many things they see on a daily basis that are more offensive. Also in terms of it being one of the few commercials to objectify men I think ads like Old Spice and Axe are much more objectifying than this. Ads with women clearly are and I think its a little hypocritical of society to find a problem with this but not make an uproar over every Old Spice, Axe, and beer commercial with a mostly naked woman. In the end I think this commercial is funny, not really that offensive, and if you look at the boxers they are wearing seems to fit the theme pretty well.


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