The music video “Timber” by Ke$ha and Pitbull starts off with a bunch of men carrying Ke$ha in a worshipping way, perceiving that they are beneath her. This is definitely different than most music videos when the women are half naked dancing around the guy singing. However, when Pitbull starts singing, that is exactly what happens… A crowd of half naked girls surrounds him. But, what is really strange is that throughout the video, whenever it flashes back to Pitbull there is a girl on him, but when it flashes back to Ke$ha she is posing alone, or with girls.

It seems that society expects that the man should be seduced by a strip tease from all of the women in the video. Today, most music videos have the male singing and a group of girls strip teasing for him. During the twentieth century, the practice of strip teasing was greatly decensored. But the question remains: Does this show male dominance? Some people, like Dahlia Schweitzer, argue that strip teasing gives women power over men. She argues that the women “are clearly in charge” and that “By removing her clothes, the stripper disrupts years of patriarchal hegemony” (Schweitzer 2000, 72).

Schweitzer, Dahlia. 2000. “Striptease: The Art of Spectacle and Transgression. ”Journal of Popular Culture 34(1):65–75.


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