Umm, yes… Men are Influenced by the World of Advertising


In the above ad, a teenage boy is faced with the daunting reality of attending prom solo. Of course, his nurturing, gentle mother attempts to encourage him while adjusting his tuxedo. While his dad does not offer any words of advice, he has something far more important- the keys to an Audi. Immediately upon getting into the car, the boy becomes hyper-masculine and testosterone driven. He develops the courage, or perhaps recklessness, to park in the principle’s sport and to knock out his crush’s date. This scenario may seem humorous, but it is the repetition of this images in the media that can produce violence. Men learn that it is completely acceptable to behave like this, and that like fast cars, violence and aggression is in their nature. Furthermore, these portrayals “create a climate in which violence against women is inevitable” (Kilbourne).It seems illogical to connect this harmless…

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