Time for a (normative) holiday?

This advertisement for Thomson Holidays, a UK-based travel agency, portrays several families and couples on picturesque, joyous vacations in a variety of locations. The advertisement urges the audience to take a break and cherish time with family. Unfortunately, the advertisement does not feature any non-normative people or relationships. Every single person featured is white, presumably upper class, and in a heterosexual relationship. This kind of advertising perpetuates the idea that the ideal, happy family has to fit into a certain mold. In reality, all types of families could probably benefit from this kind of vacation; as Belkin notes, even though most lesbian couples do not argue about the same issues as heterosexual couples, they still do bicker (Belkin 10). The advertisement advocates some positive ideals: spending time with family, putting away technology, and taking a break from the daily grind; it’s a shame that the creators of the advertisement did not care to portray non-heterosexual, non-white families partaking in a relaxing vacation as well.

Belkin, Lisa. “When Mom and Dad Share It All.” 2008.


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