What Is Discrimination?

In its most basic form, discrimination is a form of social control and manipulation. Discrimination is present in almost every aspect of life, as it is deeply rooted both nationally and internationally, and is also apparent on playgrounds and in job interviews. I believe that discrimination can be attributed to social insecurity, or an effort to maintain hierarchical power and unearned privilege.

Growing up as a Jew in the thickest region of theĀ  Bible belt, discrimination was prevalent. When I was a child, my parents tried to shield me from antisemitism by surrounding our family with other Jews. However, as I grew older I began to feel the burn of discrimination that I had naively thought was outdated. There are currently organizations and social groups at the University of Texas, and throughout the state of Texas, which do not accept Jewish members. This concept sounds appalling and unbelievable, but is simply a known fact of life for Jews living in Texas. This discrimination is the result of a factitious linkage between Jews and undeserved stigmas. Privileged groups constantly use discrimination as a desperate attempt to protect themselves against seemingly threatening groups. Privileged groups in Texas shield themselves from Jews for a variety of reasons. Some have never before met Jewish people, and therefore simply rely on stereotypes, and others are not accepting of those who differ from the white, Christian norm. Groups are discriminated against simply because they are different, as our society is deeply uncomfortable with ambiguity or difference.


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