What Is Equality: Reproductive Rights Male And Female?

In this day and age it is vital for everyone to practice safe sex to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms, Birth Control pills, and Intrauterine Devices are a few contraceptive measures that are of paramount importance to women’s sexual health. I believe a woman should have the freedom to choose whatever form of contraception she believes is best for her. Similarly, I believe men should have a viable pharmaceutical contraceptive available too as condoms are our only semi-reliable option. Unfortunately condoms break and if that is the only contraceptive measure being used this could put the male and female at risk of an unwanted pregnancy. All forms of contraception must be reliable and safe. It is the government’s responsibility to regulate and maintain quality control standards over the reproductive and contraceptive industry.  Women should demand long-term studies on the effects contraceptives have on the body and if there are dangers to prolonged use. The answer to contraceptive equality is simple: Give men a pharmaceutical backup form of contraception to significantly reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy due to condom breakage. And allow women to choose their preferred method of birth control without stigmatizing them or limiting their contraceptive options to the Pill.



1 thought on “What Is Equality: Reproductive Rights Male And Female?

  1. sollitti

    There actually is in the works a medical contraception for people with testicles (I’m going to avoid using “male and female” here for the sake of not being cissexist) that is long term and reversible, similar to the IUD for people with uteri. Its a gel injection into the vas deferens that is able to be reversed after months or years (http://www.newmalecontraception.org/vasalgel/). Ideally, I think, no matter what genders there are, both partners should have a say in what form of contraception or STI protection that they use while together. Overall I think that there is a lot more pressure on women to be responsible for their sex life (much like they are often blamed if pregnancy occurs and its their fault, etc) which leads to the focus on products for people with uteri being the most commonly found (obviously this is also heavily influenced by a cissexist society). I definitely do agree that there should be more information and less stigma around other forms of contraception other than just the pill. Things such as intrauterine rings, traditional IUDs, cervical caps, intravaginal condoms, and to a lesser extent, condoms intended for use over a penis are very under reported and many people don’t know about how many options that they may have if they have a uterus for birth control.


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