This is a vintage advertisement poster by Dormeyer appliances. Interestingly, the ad is targeting both wives and husbands at the time, in which wives, as the main target, are the ones requesting Dormeyer appliances and husbands are the ones who are actually paying for it. In my opinion this ad is a direct example of the issues adressed in the article The Sexual Politics of Sickness by Barbara Ehrenreich and English Deirdre. The “sexuo-economic relation” mentioned in the article comes to the surface through this ad and we are given an image of stay home wives who have domestic and “sexual duties for financial support.” As a result, they rely on their husbands to buy them the Dormeyer appliances. Another attribute of the women targeted through this ad is hysteria. Thus, women are advised to cry in order to make their husbands do/buy what they want, and husbands are advised to do as they say before women cry. Consequently, this ad makes it seem like crying to get what you want –like a child, is a normal thing to do for women.


One thought on “WIVES

  1. meyercar

    I have to say that I laughed out loud when I saw the picture of this old ad. Obviously this advertisement does not reflect society today, but I think it still rings true that women know how to control men, and use things such as sexuality and crying to get them. However, I can see this as a step in women gaining power over men. Even though they are still being kept in the kitchens, they know how to manipulate their husbands to buy them what they want; a useful skill not just to be used in the kitchen.


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