“Deformed Freak Born Without Penis”


This article is almost too perfect for our class discussion to be true.  This morbidly funny social commentary story is set up in which some deformed “freak” was born without testes or a penis.  Throughout it’s lifetime, the freak has suffered harassment from total strangers on the street, passed up employment opportunities, and been stared at and objectified.  “What’s so deformed about not having a penis?” you might ask.  Well, apparently it’s being the fact that unfortunately, this assigns you the title of ‘woman.’  Though we know that being a woman clearly does not make you a “freak,” I thought that this article’s sarcasm was an interesting, humorous way to shed light on social issues that still concern women today and are reinforced by the theory that men are innately better, more powerful, and more desirable than women.  However, is this type of commentary is too extreme to get real attention or has it truly opened up people’s eyes to the way that society subconsciously views women?


One thought on ““Deformed Freak Born Without Penis”

  1. sollitti

    The thing about this article is that its incredibly transmisogynistic. Some women do have penises and trust me, they are treated substantially worse than cis women. This mentality that oh “freak born without a penis” = woman means that there are no men without penises (aka trans men) and no women with penises (aka trans women) and it really heavily relies on the assumption that nobody is intersex. Its humor is absolutely reliant on transmisogyny in particular but more generally on transphobia and cissexism itself. There is no way to talk about a woman not having a penis and how she is treated without throwing under the bus the women who are treated much worse for being a woman with a penis. A penis does not mean that someone is a man and its important to remember that when analyzing media, even satirical media.


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