Is There Such a Thing As Free Choice?

There is such a thing as free choice—but free choice does not exist for all people.

For women in our modern society, free choice does not exist. This is true for many reasons. The first and foremost is that women, as Shulamith Firestone explains in her writing The Dialectic of Sex, are restrained by the “tyranny of their reproductive biology.” They are subject to their “biological destiny,” the family. The expectations placed on women, as well as the limitations, make free choice an impossible concept. While women’s freedom has increased over time, modern society places more expectations on women that limit their free choice. They are expected to have successful careers, maintain the household, and take care of children. These expectations are severe limitations on free choice. Almost any decision that a woman makes is guided by the fact that she is a woman and any choice can be limited by this fact—which makes it inherently unfree.


Firestone, Shulamith. “Conclusion: The Ultimate Revolution.” The Dialectic of Sex ; the Case for Feminist Revolution. New York: Morrow, 1970. 233. Print.


One thought on “Is There Such a Thing As Free Choice?

  1. ivansand

    I agree that we don’t have control over our decisions, but I do so for different reasons. You cite Firestone’s approach, but mine stems from the influence society has on each of us. I believe that the media and society have molded our beliefs so much that we are no longer able to form unique ideas. Everything we do is somehow swayed by others’ opinions and it is almost impossible to single handedly go against all established norms. Unless there is an entire social movement, one person cannot change society into a more accepting place. One person can change who they are, but it will come at the cost of being ostracized by society. In essence, no matter what we do, we are tied down to a restrictive system.


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