Killer Queen: Killing Women’s Image

This advertisement for Katy Perry’s new perfume might at first seem rebellious or freeing to the average woman sans feminist perspective, but all it truly does is enforce extremely high expectations of women for modern beauty. While Katy is seen hating the beauty of the past, the old spray perfumes, the long heavy dresses, and the white powdered faces, this does not mean she’s counteracting the gender binary or refuting the necessity of impossible beauty. She goes on to tear all of the clothing and white makeup off of her body, now adorning a skimpier, modern look and leaving an extremely high standard of modern attractiveness for women to look up to. She, however, leaves the corset on of the old era, which constricts her physically even when she is seen freeing herself, and forces her to keep impossibly skinny and beautiful in a way in which most people cannot achieve. While her character is assumed to be rebelling in this ad, she isn’t doing anything out of the ordinary except looking beautiful to a different, higher standard of our modern era.  Her character also remains impossibly rich with several attendants, jewels, and a throne. This ad just leaves women with an unachievable goal, attempting to reach the class, the image, and the weight of a celebrity by purchasing her perfume. 


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