Let’s talk about shoes


Earlier today, as I was browsing the internet, I ran into a blatantly sexist ad. The DC metro decided that they needed a new campaign to show how great they were and thus ended up producing this terrible piece of advertisement. The ad portrays women as mindless beings that only care about one thing:  shopping. Why exactly would the metro use shopping? Lorber would explain it as being part of society’s construction of gender expectations. Furthermore, if one were to look closely at the advertisement, the women’s body language displays a state of absentmindedness. Not only that, but based on the way they are dressed, they seem to be women with professional backgrounds. This begs the question as to whether it is also attacking the credentials of professional women in society. The ad encapsulates women in society as being unable to hold an intelligent conversation, one regarding the amount of miles a bus can last without breaking down. Due to the ad being placed on a bus, and it being in the DC area, one can expect that the audience is that of the lower class black community. Bell Hooks teachings might cause one to speculate whether this could reinforce the misogyny seen in the minority communities.

Hooks, Bell. “Sisterhood: Political Solidarity Between Women.” No. 23, Socialist-Feminism: Out of the Blue (Summer, 1986), pp. 125-138.

Judith Lorber, “The Social Construction of Gender”, 1990.


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