Diversity in Engineering

I was on my high school’s alumni page and I saw this link posted. Despite some really narrow-minded remarks that were used to criticize the poster such as “why do we need to bring gender into everything?”  and “what’s next, will we encourage our boys into nursing?” I think this video does a great job of sending a message to young girls that they can be whatever they want to be. What’s really amazing to me is that the girls take all of the very pink, gendered toys and make them a part of a massive contraption in order to open the garage door and see the outside world. To me this represented them not simply rejecting that they were girls, but instead using the resources already given to them by society to pave their own path. However, though videos like this can be so inspiring, I think about the comments left on this post in my school’s alumni page and I wonder what it will take to really show this male-dominated society why diversity (including but not just limited to gender) in engineering and other male-dominated fields is so important.


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