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What Is Equality: Reproductive Rights Male And Female?

In this day and age it is vital for everyone to practice safe sex to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms, Birth Control pills, and Intrauterine Devices are a few contraceptive measures that are of paramount importance to women’s sexual health. I believe a woman should have the freedom to choose whatever form of contraception she believes is best for her. Similarly, I believe men should have a viable pharmaceutical contraceptive available too as condoms are our only semi-reliable option. Unfortunately condoms break and if that is the only contraceptive measure being used this could put the male and female at risk of an unwanted pregnancy. All forms of contraception must be reliable and safe. It is the government’s responsibility to regulate and maintain quality control standards over the reproductive and contraceptive industry.  Women should demand long-term studies on the effects contraceptives have on the body and if there are dangers to prolonged use. The answer to contraceptive equality is simple: Give men a pharmaceutical backup form of contraception to significantly reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy due to condom breakage. And allow women to choose their preferred method of birth control without stigmatizing them or limiting their contraceptive options to the Pill.


Tanning Ad For The Holidays.

“And so she comes to consider the surveyor and the surveyed within her as the two constituent yet always distinct elements of her identity as a woman.” (Berger p37)

200 words cannot begin to describe how racist and sexist this advertisement is. The overt racist message being sent here is white pale women should strive to be dark complected like Native Americans. The ad also hyper-sexualizes the Puritans and Native Americans with inaccurate ethnic portrayals even when there is nothing sexual at all about Thanksgiving. The message being sent to women here is you need to be dark and sexy for the holidays even if the weather doesn’t permit. Marketer’s constantly keep women thinking: “is this what I should look like, do I look this good or better?” These unrealistic beauty expectations only mask the true racist undertones that subvert a whole race of people to nothing but a beauty standard of privileged white women. Reducing Native Americans to nothing but a wonderfully complected party host does a huge disservice to this country’s native people. We need to hold these advertisers responsible for their part in perpetuating stereotypes and racism.

Berger, John, From Ways Of Seeing The Feminism And Visual Culture Reader New York: Routledge, 2003. p37.

Ad critique: Johnny Walker

I love Scotch, it’s my favorite alcoholic beverage. Give me a good 25 year-old single barrel and I’m in heaven. Unfortunately, Johnny Walker Red doesn’t go down smooth, in this ad, or in real life. Johnny Walker Red taste like gasoline and wood chips. I don’t know who would give this to a woman other than some pervy cheapskate trying to get them drunk. Suggestive advertising is a common strategy used by companies around the world. This allows the ad to overtly appeal to the readers love of Christmas with a hint of sexual undertone. Two messages in one advertisement is double the bang for the advertising buck. Unfortunately the message being sent here is buy our Scotch and she will give you sex. The true undertone is that of getting a girl wasted for your own sexual gratification. So if you want to give the gift of Johnny Walker this Christmas remember; Green, Gold, or Blue Label for the one you love. If you go for the cheap Red, you might find yourself drinking alone sexually frustrated.Image

What is Oppression/Objectification

To brand their image rappers will portray themselves as macho-gangster player’s slathered in women and bling. One of my favorite hip-hop songs is “U and Dat” by E-40 and T-Pain featuring Kandi Girl. In this song our rappers are competing for the attention of a posteriorly well endowed beauty asking her “what you gonna do, with this pimpin’.” This type of bravado only works in the fairytale rap world where booty’s are the only thing men care about, and everyone has guns but no one gets shot. POOF! Back to the real world, where objectification of women is wrong and stereotypes are perpetuated by those who seek profit over piety. I’ve been listening to E40 since high school. He’s an underground legend widely credited with bringing the genre of Hyphy into the mainstream. T-Pain is currently one of hip-hop’s most sought after collaborators, having worked with nearly all of hip-hop’s big names. Kandi Girl is an accomplished singer-songwriter and successful business-woman outside of hip-hop. She even has a Grammy to her credit. With all this collective talent it makes me wonder why they have to resort to degrading women in order to sell records. Maybe the culture demands it?

What is inequity?

I did 6 years and 10 months in the Navy and after a month of  being in this class my perception of gender based discrimination in the military has changed. I used to see things with a jaded alpha male perspective that is very much the “social norm” in the military. Now when I look back one thing that really sticks out in my head is the fact that I never had a female directly in charge of me. Women who were around my command were mainly in administrative positions and were treated differently then males. We were frequently advised to be patient and use “kid glove’s” when dealing with the females. The fact that women in the civilian world make roughly 23% less than their male counterparts isn’t applicable in the military because everyone has a set pay-scale that determines how much you are paid based on rank and time in service. Even this doesn’t make much of a difference because women were frequently overlooked for early promotion and are generally overshadowed by the men in their department. 
    Since I left service in 2004, much has changed. Now the “New Navy” (a phrase that has been used pretty much forever to describe any perceived “change” in S.O.P (standard operating procedures) that deviates from the traditional way of doing things) has adapted to let gays serve openly without fear of getting fired. The question I ask is: How do we eliminate sexist discrimination in the “new” military and equal the playing field for all our sisters in uniform.

Ad critique

This add, even if satire, is openly sexist and should be treated as such. Just because something is made to be tongue and cheek doesn’t disqualify it from being offensive. In fact, this sales pitch falls flat on its face because you are telling 50% of the population that this drink is “too manly” for you and that you shouldn’t drink it. This Stratified approach that Judith Lorber talks about speaks favorably to men while belittling women and their perceived taste in soft drinks and movie genres. I only have one thing to say to the people at Dr. Pepper who came up with this ad. “You can keep your sexism and shitty cola, I’m good.”