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Women’s role in future of objectification

What role do women play in the objectification of women in the media?

We can examine women who participate in music videos or suggestive ads, female artists who literally mimic strippers in their own videos (here’s looking at alllll of you, Rihanna), and even the women who go see the chick flick of the month that reinforces every gendered stereotype in the book.

Most people blame “the industry”, a nameless faceless entity of shadowy characters in LA.  But shouldn’t the cycle of objectification break if about half the population refuses to support it?  Is this even possible?  Do we want to?

If Rihanna’s video and song performed poorly and was largely ignored, would she be likely to have another similar video?  Or would she go farther, and do more?

Finally, if the cycle continues, what is the future of the media?  I’m not sure how much farther we can even go.  I know I personally don’t want to find out.