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AD CRITIQUE: Detour Protein Bars


In our society we are constantly bombarded with terrible advertisements that discriminate against and humiliate fat people.  This particular ad is doing just that.  The first issue with this image is the fact that the heavier set woman on the left is made to look unappealing while being juxtaposed next to the super thin and toned woman to the right (who has without question been airbrushed to look that way) .  It is also noticed that the heavier women on the left is in a pose where her head is slightly lowered down to the ground and her face and body position suggest more of a playful attitude.  Where the woman on the right exudes confidence, her head is held high, and her stance is firm and upright.  In her essay The Fat Studies Reader, Marilyn Wann, points out “Overt prejudice and discrimination may be less of a hindrance to social justice for fat people than projects that claim to offer help but nonetheless rely on–and promote– fat hatred” (Wann xvii).  This is precisely what this ad accomplishes.  Suggesting one will become obese after eating candy bars, but that one can also become slender and toned from eating protein bars only promotes fat prejudice and further enforces unattainable body goals.  Detour protein bars–how about we take a detour from all the lies and tomfoolery, and start promoting some truth?


Marilyn Wann, “Forward,” in The Fat Studies Reader, by Esther D. Rothblum and Sondra Solovay (New York: New York University Press, 2009), XIV.