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Can We Transcend?

In 2013, can the Western world transcend sex and gender? Moreover, has sex and gender’s significance become obsolete? Gender and sex are not the same thing. However, these terms have been historically conflated. Sex is biological, while gender is social. Technological advances and legal changes have facilitated the flexibility of these two terms. For instance, medical procedures – such as anatomical reassignment surgery – and childrearing methods – such as raising genderless children – both show that sex and gender are malleable. Due to the implications of these changes, binary gender constructs are not necessary. As Fausto Sterling contends, a gender spectrum is now possible and should be implemented. Due to technological advances and legal procedures, any person can elect to embody the gender of their choice. Additionally, people are now able to elect or reject gender without sacrificing their social goals such as marriage or childrearing. However – even if alternate routes are taken – gender is inescapable. By rejecting gender’s binary construct, there is a cognizance that gender constructs exist and this alternative community is still ‘doing gender’ due to their cognizance (Lorber). While gender will always be present, society can rise above its’ subjugation and transcend.

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