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What is Discrimination?

Discrimination is the unjust treatment of others based on race, age, or sex. Discrimination becomes a major part of someone’s life when their natural physical characteristics change the way they are received by others. I believe that females have to deal with discrimination more often than males in society. This is mainly because of the way women are presented in the media. Most importantly, women are seen as easily manipulated. On the other hand, I think that males are believed to have an inherent striking presence and are promised a certain power than women are not: “the promised power may be moral, physical, temperamental, economic, social, sexual- but its object is always exterior to the man. A man’s presence suggests what he is capable of doing to or for you” (Berger 37). Accordingly, I believe that discrimination is a hackneyed process that people perform daily where men are seen as the more authoritative. Since media sets up a “phallocentric patriarchal state” (Hooks 109), unequal notions leads to discrimination based on gender. For instance, in a highly publicized study by the National Academy of Sciences, the same resumes were handed out with either a male or female name. Results showed that the male applicants were consistently rated higher despite the same qualifications, thus revealing an existing gender disparity within academic science thanks to discrimination (Moss-Rasculin, et al. 1).

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