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What is Oppression/Objectification

To brand their image rappers will portray themselves as macho-gangster player’s slathered in women and bling. One of my favorite hip-hop songs is “U and Dat” by E-40 and T-Pain featuring Kandi Girl. In this song our rappers are competing for the attention of a posteriorly well endowed beauty asking her “what you gonna do, with this pimpin’.” This type of bravado only works in the fairytale rap world where booty’s are the only thing men care about, and everyone has guns but no one gets shot. POOF! Back to the real world, where objectification of women is wrong and stereotypes are perpetuated by those who seek profit over piety. I’ve been listening to E40 since high school. He’s an underground legend widely credited with bringing the genre of Hyphy into the mainstream. T-Pain is currently one of hip-hop’s most sought after collaborators, having worked with nearly all of hip-hop’s big names. Kandi Girl is an accomplished singer-songwriter and successful business-woman outside of hip-hop. She even has a Grammy to her credit. With all this collective talent it makes me wonder why they have to resort to degrading women in order to sell records. Maybe the culture demands it?